03 Jul 2010

July News

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Joe continued in providing his expertise as a Harley-Davidson motorcycle instructor for Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety in June. The three-week Police Motorcycle Instructor class was held in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and attended by law enforcement personnel from around the country.

Gary and Pat recently attended IPTM’s Special Problems in Traffic Crash Reconstruction conference in Orlando, Florida. They continued their education in topics such as Drag Sleds, Commercial Vehicle Drive Train Analysis; Advanced Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash Investigation; Case Preparation and Courtroom Presentation; Digital Photography for Traffic Crash Reconstruction, Occupant Kinematics and Biomechanics, Low-speed Impacts, and dynamic crashing of instrumented vehicles.

In May, Kenna Marie, Pat, and Joe attended a week long class on Vericom Computer Familiarization for Traffic Crash Investigation, hosted by Vericom Computers, Inc. and held in Windham, New Hampshire. The Vericom accelerometer testing device training was an expansion of earlier training dealing with skid friction testing, braking systems, lateral accelerations, gradient and super-elevations, OBDII, measuring low-speed impacts with an accelerometer, and application of multi-axis accelerometers.

In May, Kenna Marie traveled to Easton, Pennsylvania for two SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) sessions dealing with Introduction to Failure Analysis and Introduction to Statistical Analysis of Time Dependent Failures.

Chip attended the ARC Network and Collision Safety Institute’s annual Las Vegas conference in June. This year’s conference provided 11 dynamic crashes of vehicles and motorcycles, Low-Speed Crash Analysis, Conspicuity Sheeting, Retro-Reflective Tape Wear, Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction, Finding Speed or Acceleration from Video Frames, and Accelerometers & Drag Sleds.

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