26 Feb 2012

February 2012

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Effective September 1, 2010, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulation (FMVSR) 49 CFR Part 563  (Code of Federal Regulations) August 2006, Amended January 2008, August 2011 requires all vehicles that have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 8,500 pounds, or an unloaded vehicle weight of 5,500 pounds, that is equipped with an event data recorder, must make available within 90 days of the first vehicle sale a tool(s) is commercially available to allow access and retrieval.  Currently Bosch’s CDR system provides for most of the vehicles that currently provide commercial access, and they are currently under agreement with other manufactures to develop software and cables to enable access in order to meet the Part 563 Rule.

 HONDA vehicles are the most recent addition to Bosch’s Crash Data Retrieval System (CDR), currently allowing us to potential crash information starting with 2012 models.

 In January, Kenna Marie and Rick traveled to Houston for the annual ARC Network & Collision Safety InstituteCDR User’s Conference. This years topics included CDR:  Past, Present and Future; SAE EDR Committee and NHTSA Part 563 Update; GM OE Update; Chrysler OE Update; Toyota Update and Comparison of Toyota ROT and CDR Data; A Comparison of Raw Data in ECU’s versus Data Found, or Not Found in CDR Reports and Considerations of Possible Challenges to Investigator Integrity; Practical Methods to Accomplish Direct EEPRM Retrievals and Assessment of Information Patterns in that Data; Using Monte Carlo Method with Crash Event Data; Chip Swapping:  Risk v Reward; The Ford PCM Restraint Deployment signal:  Expectations versus Reality; CDR Data from more than One Car?  Fitting it Together; Is a Search Warrant Required?  Case Law review; Frye/Daubert and the Admission of Expert Testimony; CDR Admission and Expert Preparation; RCM and PCM Data Together; Re-powering 101.

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