3D Rendered Diagram from Point Cloud Scan

3D rendered diagram from point cloud scan from the Leica 3D imaging system.

Point Cloud Scan – Building

A point cloud scan of a building from the Leica 3D imaging system.

Point Cloud Scan – Van

A point cloud scan of a van from the Leica 3D imaging system.

Point Cloud Profile Slice for Damage Profile

Point cloud profile slice for damage profile from the Leica 3D imaging system.

Crane, Left-Side

An imaged Crane from the Leica 3D imaging system.

Bus-Truck Sightline Views

This is a 3 dimensional example of a crash scene based on scene and vehicle field work depicting a roadway design that provided the bus operator sufficient potential view of on-coming traffic prior to the bus operator’s attempt to cross through the intersection.

Treatment Plant

The CAD “camera” in 3 dimensional rendition allows unlimited views of an event.

Road Profile and Sightline Views

When a reconstructionist maps the scene locus and involved vehicles with the intent to render the work in a 3 dimensional mode, allowing for single frame views and also animation of the event, the captured data allows unlimited views and perspectives that cannot be readily captured just from using a 35mm or digital camera.

CAD Photo Diagram

Time and distance analysis for the semi tractor trailer to travel from a stopped position to impact showing the passenger car operator had sufficient opportunity to stop before impact.

Recreational Pool

As a result of a drowning it was neccesary to document all of the signage, warnings, pool depth, swimming lane ropes, rescue equipment and telephone locations.

Vehicle Autopsy

After a crash has occurred it is routine to not only mechanically examine a vehicle, but also to photograph and measure the damage so that a 3-D version of the vehicle can be rendered to provide multiple views.

Sample Diagram

Forensically mapping that documents the locus and evidentiary points allows the rendering of a scale diagram to analyze vehicle speed, line of sight, area of impact and the dynamics of the crash, and when necessary, an animation of the event.

Highway Collision

Employing the use of forensic mapping, the event locus in combination with the ground and aerial photographs, provides for the development of a 3 dimensional rendition of the scene in a scale format.

Oil Tank Farm

When there is a work area incident resulting in a Worker’s Compensation claim, it is beneficial to preserve and document the work place area, including designated walkways, railings, signs and hazards.